Avenues of Participation

Do you have big ideas that you want to share with our community?
We currently host 5 avenues for presenting:

Lightning Talk

Do you like sharing your experiences from your work, studies, or life to inspire others? Share with us how you have successfully “reimagined your possibilities” in your work, life, or study. This is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and share your story with the Ygnite community. You have 5 minutes to share your story with us - we encourage you to BE CREATIVE with the delivery. Tell us what you’ve got!

Panel Discussion

Any of the topics below ring a bell? Come sit on our panel and share your thoughts on your area of expertise! The 1 hour panel discussions provide an avenue for experts in their field to share their experiences by means of an engaging discussion with other conference attendees. If you are experienced in the field and interested in helping others on a similar path, this is an excellent avenue to discuss important concepts and “know-hows” that will help members of the audience accelerate their career. For this 1 hour session, we will be inviting 3-4 panelists as well as a moderator.

Panel topics are :

  • Pushing the Boundaries of Healthcare (or Medical/Health Ethics)
  • Reimagined Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (or Ethics of AI)
  • How to take advantage of the Virtual Environment as a student/professional
  • Navigating through Graduate School Admissions & Challenges of Academia
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in a Virtual Professional Environment
  • Interdisciplinary Collaborations


Are you interested in sharing your technical research, work, or experiences through a formal presentation? Lecture session is a great opportunity to explain and discuss this in greater detail through a 10 minute presentation and 5 minute Q&A session.

Your presentation should be approachable and engaging for an audience with a diverse set of backgrounds.

Lecture categories are:

  • Health & Biomedical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology & Software
  • Lifestyle (i.e. cooking, finance management, time management, creating a sense of community at work)


Do you enjoy presenting and discussing your technical work or experiences in an open environment? Bring a poster which showcases your topic to a 45 minute session where any participant may come to learn about your area of interest.

Possible poster topics are:


This year’s startup programs will consist of Idea Pitch Competition, in addition to panel discussion, lecture, and networking sessions. For more information on these programs, check out our Startup Showcase page here.

General Participant

Are you interested in participating in Ygnite to network with like-minded young professionals and trainees, BUT are not able to participate in one of our avenues? While we encourage everyone to share with us your expertise and knowledge, Ygnite still welcomes all of you to our conference program! By attending Ygnite 2022 as a conference attendee, you will have access to all Ygnite programs including Workshop sessions.

*** Please note that general participants are required to make full registration payment, and are NOT eligible for travel reimbursement.