Startup Programs

Ygnite 2022 offers startup programs for both aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. These programs are opportunities for you to pitch their ideas and build strong networks with ambitious and passionate individuals and mentors in business. Our goal is to encourage and support entrepreneurship in the Korean-American community by offering competitions where entrepreneurs can receive constructive feedback from experienced venture capitalists and established CEOs. This year, we offer an Idea Pitch Competition in addition to a panel discussion, lecture, and networking session. Winners from the Idea Pitch competitions will receive a cash prizes!

Idea Pitch Competition

Ygnite 2022's Idea Pitch Competition as a part of Startup Program provides an avenue for potential entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative ideas, solutions, and technologies to potential investors, industry professionals, and like-minded individuals. This avenue will provide valuable information and inspirations of various business models and the opportunity to receive feedback from a diverse audience prior to promoting startup businesses.



Selected finalists representing South Korea and the United States will come together to participate in these competitions as well as workshops where they will hear from venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs.