Corporate Sponsorship

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Ygnite 2022. Ygnite is a premier technical and leadership conference for future leaders within science, technology, academia, and business. By sponsoring Ygnite, you have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the community and engage directly with the conference participants.
Through your support, we are able to create opportunities for early-career scientists and engineers to network and showcase their talents across fields. You can learn more about ways to get involved with Ygnite by downloading the prospectus.

For any questions, please reach out to us at

Be a Sponsor for Ygnite 2022!

From the Ygnite 2022 organizing team, thank you for 18 years of your generosity and support!

Ygnite is strictly not-for-profit—our organizers are all volunteers! Because 100% of our donations goes directly to running the conference (venue reservations, networking dinners, speaker recruitment) and keeping costs down for attendees, even a small donation makes a big difference.