Individual Sponsorship

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A big thanks to the individual sponsors from Ygnite 2022!

Benefactors ($1,000+)

John Lee, Veronica JungYeon Kim

Patrons ($500+)

Sungmin Bae, Clara Kim & Flora Yoon

Supporters ($50+)

Dennis Cha, Edward Hong, Edward Cho, Flora Yoon, Hyeonhui Cho, Jaehyuk Kim, Jenna Park, Jerry Jang, Jessie Choi, Jiho Min, Joanne Lee, Joanne Cho, Josh Kim, Judy Kim, Jung Min Suh, Kathryun Suh, Kevin Kim, Kevin Riutzel, Michelle Park, Minwoo Kong, Paul Kim, Richard Oh, Sanghyun Nam, Taehee Kang, TJ Park, Yeoho Yoon, Yoonji Baek, Young Seo Lee, Yunjae Cho

Friends (<$50)

Daniel Lee

Ygnite always comes down to the people.

Whether you are a previous attendee looking to give back or a friendly supporter of our purpose, Ygnite could not happen without you. As an individual sponsor, you are a vital part of KSEA and Ygnite. Your donation will help us with communication outreach, operational support, and delivering quality programs throughout the conference.

Below, you will find information about the different levels of individual sponsorship and their respective benefits. We offer two options for sponsorship, with the ability to combine if desired.​

Donate here

Option 1: Become a sponsor at any of these levels

Option 2: Sponsorship à la carte

You may select as many items à la carte as you wish from the prospectus as a way to customize your support. The item you select will be named after you.

Please click on the image to download the prospectus and see the various options.