Dr. Alex Lee

Alex Lee received his Ph.D. and MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and Columbia University. He is currently a communication and special project manager at Schlumberger, the largest Oil and Gas exploration technology and service company in the world.

During his 18 years at Schlumberger, he held a wide range of management positions. Previously, he led a precision sensor array project across teams from different countries, served as a Supply Chain Manager for 7 centers in Shanghai, and was responsible for setting up the world's most advanced manufacturing facility. Recently, he was appointed as STEP center manager for developing new products and growing North America Perforating market share.

He is also actively involved in the Korean-American community by serving as the president of the Korean American Scholarship Foundation and a board member. He is an advisor for KOEA, Korean-American Oil and Gas Engineers Association, and a Long Range Committee Member at the national headquarter of KSEA.

Workshop Speech

Unlock your career potential - Special edition for Korean-American Young Professionals

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